Duplicate Tag

I would like a context menu option when right-clicking a tag in the SQLTags browser that duplicates a tag. This would make a copy of the selected tag AND automatically open the edit window. The tag would not be saved until you press OK.

Here’s the problem I am having now. I select a tag, copy it, and paste it. That it gives me MYTAGNAME (1). But after I do that, the SQTTags browser refreshes and I have to go hunt for it. Since the tag is immediately saved it starts getting logged to the history database (if I copy a tag with history enabled) and my history table gets polluted with this new tag I didn’t get around to renaming yet.

Or maybe I’m just doin’ it all wrong.

That’s not a bad idea. I’ve noticed myself how annoying it is to work like this with historical tags. We’ll see what we can do.