Dynamic Array Tag Size Changes

Is it possible to change the size of an array tag dynamically, say from a Gateway scoped script or tag value change script?
system.tag.configure - is the how its done? Any other techniques?
Thank you.

Im pretty sure an array always has a dynamic size?
What are you trying to do?

Hi Victor.
I have the Ignition OPC Server exposed to a 3rd party OPC Client who reads array tags. Depending on conditions I want to change the size of they array via scripting.

like so?


i dont really understand… you can append or change an array to any size. An array has no fixed size here

Yes, like that, but change the size of an Ignition tag, not a Python tag.

Ignition array tags don’t have a fixed size - just write a new array value to the tag with a different amount of elements in it.

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Thanks for clarification, Kevin.