Dynamic colors on Report pie chart

Hi, I’m attempting to dynamically assign colors to a pie chart in the reporting module. I was successfully able to do this on a table component with a simple drag-n-drop binding. I was also able to do this on a bar chart with the “enable script” option. Unfortunately, the pie chart is the only chart without a script option so I’m not sure how to go about this (or if it’s even possible).

Edit: I essentially just want to be able to associate a state with a color on the pie chart, so that ‘running’ is always green for example.


Hi Ryan,

When you were able to drag-n-drop the binding and view the script options on the table and bar chart component, are these in the Report Modules?

The Report Module components properties are not able to be bound or scripted on.

In regards to the Pie Chart in Reports, you are able to change the colors based off the data keys.

I have attached the some links that can be helpful: