Dynamic container adjustments

Hello, I am looking for help determining how to make a window have adjustable containers. Ideally, I’d love for the user to just be able to grab the side and adjust but since that doesn’t seem to be an option I am looking at creating a button of some sort to collapse and expand different containers.

I have a search window which displays two trees of an inventory item’s parents and children and some basic details. I’d like to create a button to expand the two trees and shrink the details or vice versa.

I’ve messed around with system.gui.transform to alter the container widths and x locations but I’m wondering what the simplest, least messy option is. I have some buttons in the container trees (not shown) for export and expanding/collapsing tree nodes so I’m wondering if I need to also adjust the widths and locations of all the components in the containers.

Any ideas?