Dynamic DNS on Ignition

Hi, how can I setup the dynamic dns on ignition?
So that instead of ipaddress:port number I can access it through a hostname:portnumber.

Is that possible?

I dont see why it wouldnt work. there should be a client that runs on the ignition gateway server that keeps the dynamic dns service updated with the latest IP address. the service will then make sure that any traffic to the hostname that you choose gets pushed to the ip address that is being reported. you just need to make sure that your router/firewall allows traffic to the port ignition is running on.

One “gotcha” that you can resolve easily, is if you setup SSL (for https) which is recomended. IF you do this and leave the ports at the default for ignition, then you will probably have problems with the URL being turned into a IP address.

I had testing.scada.com (not real) and tried setting up my dynamic DNS to 1) forward port 80, or 2) “mask the URL.” In the first case I ended up not having the SSL be recognized by my browser because the, in the second the gateway did not return any response.

The best solution is to set the default port back to 80. Then use Dynamic DNS to map the URL to the IP address. You can then install your SSL key and use https without your browser failing to recognize the key.