Dynamic Drive Scan Class

I have found several ways to make dynamically driven tags based on reference paths (i.e. [.]/tag).

My question here is can you use this for Driven Scan Classes. Could I essentially have 1 scan class that can be driven by x number of different tags based on the folder of the tag that references it?

If I cannot do this, what would be the best way to accomplish this action?

Can you tell me what exactly you’re hoping to accomplish with this type of setup? If I’m correctly understanding what you’re asking, I don’t believe that this sort of setup makes sense with how scan classes are meant to work. Tying the scan class to multiple driving tags would essentially mean trying to evaluate multiple expressions at the same time where more than likely they will all be conflicting with each other. Either the scan class would never execute or always execute and every tag tied to that scan class would be affected.

What you’re asking currently isn’t possible in the way that you described, but maybe with some more information about your overall goal we could figure out a solution some other way.

Dave, first off thank you for the quick reply.

I am in the process of building a front end GUI for process checks for an operator, but I want to have an “Admin” screen for the supervisors / engineers to be able to add new checks from the client. I am using some scripting for tag creation combined with UDT’s to keep this all standard on the back end, but one of the fields will be a “TASK COMPLETE” to say the user has completed the active task.

I was hoping to use Tag Historian to record all of this into an easily queriable database, so I would like to say for each UDT, when “TASK COMPLETE” is 1, store the data into Tag Historian once, then clear the “TASK COMPLETE” bit until the next task is run.