Dynamic easy chart "dataset" vs "where clause"

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I learn easy chart ignition 8.0 on inductive university, they mention about indirect easy chart, or dynamic chart. But in IGNITION 8.05, I looked for “dataset” in properties editor of easy chart, it was changed to “where clause”. Could you explain how to create dynamic chart with where clause.


Use a database pen. The details of those are kept in the component in the pens dataset property. One of those details is the Where Clause. You can manipulate that pens property to add/remove/change what is displayed.

Thank you pturmel

Can you give me a small detail sample how to do it?

Datapens in easy chart customizer?

The following is an example for manipulating Tag Historian pens (the tagPens dataset instead of the pens dataset), but the same operations are used (slightly different set of columns).

I do not see dataset, or tagpen in my version

Change the property filter to ALL:

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Thank for help. I got it :slight_smile: