Dynamic flex repeater instances JSON

Hello all,
I would like to bind the instance parameter of a flex repeater to a named query where I return a number.
In this example, whatever value returns from the named query should be the new value on my instances.

In my example, value 4 is returned from the named query if I put the format as json I get this:

which is not correct and it has to be:


How should I transform this to be ale to get the instances correctly?

Found the solution:

You have to change the return format to a scalar for the named query and then return the transform script:

	dict={ "instanceStyle": {
			  		"classes": ""
		"instancePosition": {}
	for i in range(value):	
	return list
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Note that as a general rule you should not name variables in Python list, dict, etc, as they shadow the builtin function names.

You can rewrite your transform to use a list comprehension to be a bit cleaner (in my opinion, anyway) and avoid the shadowing issue:

	return [
			"instanceStyle": {
		  		"classes": ""
			"instancePosition": {}
		for i in xrange(value)

Thank you very much, Paul for the great information.