Dynamic Image problem in Report Viewer

Inductive Team,

We placed Image Path dynamic property(Property value Ex: Builtin/icons/48/add2.png) to Report Viewer. We placed Image/Image Place Holder in Report Viewer and added dynamic property in Key field. However, the Report Viewer does not shown the Image.

How to assign Dynamic Image to Report Viewer ? Can we access the Image from a Particular location dynamically rather than Image Management ? How to store Image Directly in to Image Management using Jython Script ?

The image place holder is only for displaying images that are literally stored in the dataset as a byte array. It doesn’t work for string image paths.

You can have multiple images in the table and make them visibile or invisible based on a value in the dataset. Each component in the report viewer has a section (to the right) called “Roll, Scale, Skew”. In that section is a special property called “IsVisible”. You can set it to something like this:Key == 1