Dynamic Number of Embedded Views/Flex Repeater

Im trying to create a view in perspective that can dynamically add embedded components based on some other variable.

I have multiple devices that have varying amount of sensors. i do not want to have to create a new view for each type/number of sensor.

Ive cdone flex and carousel types but again they have to be manually added.

Thank you :slight_smile:

no you can add them with a script
bind the instances to a script and there you can let it return any number of instances

Here is an example i use for a canvas instances
(blurred out the viewpath as it had the company name in)
And ofc here i use the number of option from a drop down to determine the number of instances.
(And the drop down gets filled by something from the db) so its variable

im extremely limited in my knowledge of of this, so i do appologize but i would also like the ability to for one of the these properties defined above to have a property binding, how do you inject a property binding in that?

You could bind the instances with an expression struct and in those put in the expression bindings you wish like i did
the bindings i use are “SelectedType,From,Till”
To use these in the expression struct you gotta put “value.” infront of it

in this case its just bidnings to properties, but to tags and stuff works aswell.

Mind this causes a whole redraw when one of these changes tho(ithink)