Dynamic object

Dear everyone,
Please help me to create a dynamic object (please see a picture in the attached file).
When pressing a button (boolean: 1 ON, 0 - OFF), all black to be the pink colour one and the all white bar to be the red colour one. Or if you have any suggest to another beautiful dynamic style for the engine running. Please advise it to me.
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There are a lot of ways to do this, but the best is to just make the object with multiple rectangles and bind the fill color. I’ve included a palette with the mock-up. It is grouped rectangles and uses 3 dynamic properties on the group for the 2 colors and the current state.
Custom components.vpal (3.51 KB)

How to insert it into Ignition window?
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You right click on any tab in the component palette of the designer and select Import Palette…

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Dear Travis Cox,
How to do it blinking continously?

What are trying to get blinking exactly?

Typically you use the Style Customizer from the right click menu on the component to setup blinking. You can also bind the color property to a tag and setup a number to color translation where one or more of the states can blink.