Dynamic pipeline

I just spent half a day catching up on this thread! I would like to know if it would be possible to dynamically change which alarm pipeline an alarm is sent to. I don’t really want to edit the display path since I am currently using it for filtering, but I can see how that would be used. I’m just looking for similar functions to the groups mentioned above. There may be alarms that need to be escalated to a phone call during certain periods of the year, but for the rest of the year an e-mail would suffice.

Will that single feature be available? Dynamic edit of an alarms assigned pipeline?


Hey - I split this so we can have some semblance of one topic per thread. (came from here)

Dynamically assigning an alarm pipeline may become possbile, but I still maintain that you don’t want to do this.

You can design a pipeline to do that logic for you! That’s what pipelines are for! You could easily have a pipeline that jumped off to various other pipelines based on the time of year.

I should say also, that one thing that you’ve asked for that I do agree that we should add is the ability for a pipeline to use scripting to pick the people to notify. Basically, bypassing the call roster system and simply picking contacts with a script. We are planning on doing that.


Just wanted to add a little more…

As Carl mentioned, the use case of “send emails during some time, but call phones during others” is a great example of what standard pipelines can do. You would have an expression block, and then two notification blocks. Your expression could be as simple or complex as you want (might run a db query, for example, to look it up from the database), but basically it would just say “is the current time a phone time, or email time”. And then each output would go to the correct notification block.

That said, back on the topic of dynamic pipelines, I just wanted to point out the the active and clear pipelines of alarms are bindable properties. You could choose to do it in the alarm them, writing an expression that returns either the name of the email pipeline, or that of the phone pipeline.

If the logic applies to more than just a few tags, though, I’d rather go with the “pipeline dispatch” method. I expect a common design pattern will be to have multiple pipelines that do actual notification, and then multiple pipelines that “dispatch” or direct to these, using mostly expression and jump blocks.

Hope this is clear,

I understand I could do this with a pipeline, but what I would like is some sort of property that I can access externally for each alarm. For example if I could access any of the custom properties for the alarms I could do it that way. I can do it now by adding another tag and binding properties to it, but it would be nice not to have the intermediary. Same for enabling/disabling the alarms - I created a separate tag and binded the property to it. If this is in the works maybe I will hold off, but if it isn’t anything in the near future I will stick with this method.