Dynamic positioning

I am working on application that will contain a header bar and a left bar similar to the Skeleton application. I have tags that I want to display on the header bar and I want them positioned the same for any HMI or computer that the screen is accessed. My problem is that this position changes depending on the resolution of the screen. Is there a way to “dock” tags to a position (right, left, middle) in a panel (header bar)?

Select the object, right click it, and select Layout… (Cntl+L). You’ll want to change the Layout Mode from Relative to Anchored. There are icons under Anchoring Options for centering horizontally or vertically.

Keep in mind that anchoring/layout always works with respect to the container that the object is in. This might be the Root Container of the window or a container that the object resides in.

Try anchoring a component to both East/West. This will always maintain a fixed distance from the left side of the container to the left side of your component and from the right side of the container to the right side of your component by “stretching” the width of your component.

You can do pretty cool things with layout as you start using multiple containers and mixing the different anchoring modes.

See help on Layout. I will update it to include an example with centering and anchoring.