Dynamic Properties with bidirectional bindings

Newbie question: Maybe I’m doing it wrong? (Ignition 7.1.8)

I’m trying to make a container with a numeric text input box. If I bind the input box component directly to a tag, it reads and writes just fine.
Next, I create a dynamic property called “PRE” in the container, and bind that bidirectionally to the tag I want to read/write. I change the input box binding to the container.PRE property, and it no longer works.
The box seems to never accept any input. When initially placed in designer, it takes on the correct value, but never seems to update, and doesn’t do anything when I press “Enter” after changing the value.
What am I doing wrong?

Correct, a property binding is only one way. You need to bind the input box to a tag or indirect tag binding. The PRE property on the container can be used for indirection if you want.

Thanks Travis.