Dynamic Property Names

This isn’t a problem as much as an observation, but you probably want to take a look. I know there was another thread dicussing the same issue with tag names (I think), but I couldn’t find it.

It turns out that I can enter a dynamic property starting with a number, but can’t reference it in the script. It’s something I wouldn’t even do in the first place (starting a variable name with a number), but I was working on the paint component and created a property called ‘2D’ without thinking. Probably this should be caught in the property editor if it’s an illegal name. Or is it intentional for other reasons?

We’re always being beat-up for having overly zealous character restrictions in our names. This is an instance where it might make sense (it used to be restricted like that). But in some sense - now that the genie is out of the bottle it is hard to put it back. Dynamic properties can be used for more than scripting, after all…