Dynamic radio group?

I would like to have a radio group where the size of the array is dynamic. I know I can use a script transform on the “radios” property, but I am not sure how to actually create the “radios” dataset. For example, I want to enter “3” and dynamically have a radio group with 3 buttons in it. Any ideas?

Use a transform. In this case I’m transforming the constant value 3 out of an expression, but it’d be easy to refer to a property elsewhere instead:

The transform is pretty simple:

	return [
			"text": "Button %s" % (i+1),
			"selected": False,
			"value": "Button %s" % (i+1),
		} for i in range(value)
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That works, thanks!

I learnt something new in Python today! from a post 7 months ago… :smile: specifically the for loop part to create things as you did

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?? That’s just a list comprehension spread over multiple lines. ??

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Oh… yes… so it is. It must have looked different on my phone :pleading_face:

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