Dynamic referencing of Tag properties (other than value)

Please how to make this:
You have connected say 1000 analog inputs through OPC Server[s] from PLC[s] = 1000 Tags. You want to display them on project window as values with:

  • engineering unit behind the value from particular EngUnit Tag property,
  • baloon tooltip with the particular name of the tag when mouse is over the value.

I don’t want to edit every tag instance’s Tooltip field for 1000 tags. I think of something like:
My.someproperty - dynamic referencing.

How to do that?

You could export the tags as a CSV file, edit the tags by copying the tag name column to the tooltip column. If all 1,000 tags are using the same engineering units then you could simply paste it to that column. Or if you know the ranges for the different engineering units.

How exactly are you bringing the tags into Ignition? Were you going to make a UDT or just drag and drop all 1,000 tags into the designer?