Dynamic Report chart

Is there any way to change to chart according to the report page which is currently visible?
For e.g. I have a generated report of 10 pages, and it has a chart as well. The Timeseries chart displays the plotted chart from the start to the end of all the pages, but I want to display the chart of the data which is visible on the current page.
when I switch to page 2 the chart should be plotted for the data available on page 2 only and so on?

You need table grouping, and subqueries for each page of data.

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Can you explain a bit more ?
Because No of pages of report is not predefined sometimes it may be 5 or may be 8.

Phil is saying that if you want a chart and table section per page then you need to generate a dataset per page and create a table and a chart for each. This might not be possible without unreasonable effort.

making different dataset for each page would not sound good as the number of pages are not fixed.

Why is this a problem? Make an outer query for your report's table group that yields one row per page. Make a nested query that takes the information from the outer row to produce the display data for that page.