Dynamic Series Properties in Status Chart


I am trying to load a custom dataset into the Status Chart component. I binded a tag to the Series Properties Data property, but it seems the component is not updating .



I’m assuming you used just a tag binding, so is the Data Type on the tag set to dataset? If so, then the chart should update when the dataset on the tag changes.

Are you seeing any errors in the console, or error message boxes hiding anywhere?

The tag is definitely a dataset, I think the issue is that the default dataset on the status chart says the third column is of the type color, and I can’t generate a column of that type.

Okay, I worked on it a little, and now I’m getting this: can't put element of type color in dataset.

Is this just a limitation in Ignition? I would rather make the style dynamic.

Set the third column to a string, then pass in a string in this format:
color(R, G, B, A)
Where R, G, B, A are integer values from 0 - 255.

The sample dataset would look like this, copied out of the dataset editor:


Thank you so much. I had gotten that far but I was only doing RGB, not RGBA.

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