Dynamic Tag Path in Vision Easy Chart

I’ve seen this issue come up surprisingly little on forum posts and other places on the internet and none of the solutions quite suit me, or they are for previous versions of Ignition.

I have some instances of a UDT named sequentially (e.g. a1, a2, a3,…) and I have passed the instance number into a template with an easy chart. How do I configure the chart such that I get a trend of the instance specified in the root parameters? The tag pens interface only allows for a direct tag binding. It seems that previous versions of Vision had the tagPens property available in the property editor for binding, but this is no longer the case?

Apologies if this is a basic or answered question, I am used to Perspective!

EDIT - SOLVED (kind of?)
My current solution is to use a property change script on the template which filters for the instance number, grabs the chart.tagPens dataset, and changes the tagpath property for each pen to reflect the instance number. This seems like a bit of a round-about unintuitive way of doing this. Pens should just support indirect/expression bindings on the tagpath property!

What is the idiomatic way of doing this?

You’ll need to use a cell update binding on the tags dataset to bind the configured trend pens’ tagpath prop to tag paths.

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Better Solution:

As a newbie to Vision, I didn’t realise that the Vision Property Editor doesn’t expose all component properties to you by default. You have to click on the filter icon in the Vision Property Editor toolbar and select ‘All’ to see all available properties. In the Easy Chart, this exposes the Tag Pens property which allows you to create a Cell Update binding (thanks to nminchin for prompting me to learn what that is).

Vision Property Editor