Dynamic Tag Reads & Command Line Parameters

Two questions, hopefully they make sense …

  1. Is it possible to read a dynamic number of PLC tags with FactorySQL, possibly with some form of Action Item? For example, in one scenario I would wish to read five tags containing values I require. In the next scenario, I’d wish to read those five tags from before, along with an addition three. In a third scenario, I’d only wish to read three tags. Are their methods of accomplishing such a goal? Can I accomplish this goal with Action Items? Is it possible to take the retrieved values mentioned above and push them to a stored procedure in an XML file, or XML markup? Can this be accomplished using custom libraries?

  2. Is their a listing of command line parameters/arguements to use with FactorySQL? For example, say I have a program that writes a FactorySQL-compatible CSV file, saaay … A CSV that defines a stored procedure group. Is there a method of importing that CSV into FactorySQL without actually interfacing with the FactorySQL GUI? Essentially, I want to see if there exists the possibility of being able to write another small application that would generate CSV’s defining group, import the groups into FactorySQL, and somehow bring the group into an active state.

… I guess that’s really not just two questions, haha. Sorry!

Thanks in advance.

Those are great questions, but unfortunately I don’t think I have great answers! :frowning:

For the first point: Basically the answer is no. The problem is that group definitions are static, and define a certain transaction to be performed. You would have to break up the various sets of tags that you wanted to read into separate groups, and trigger each one to executed when you wanted through some mechanism (you could use action items which look at shared variables, for example). BUT, at the end of the day, this also isn’t dynamic, because the sets of items are fixed. As for the plugin system- it doesn’t have full access to the opc system, unfortunately.

As for the second point, the answer is again “no”, in that we currently don’t have anything like this. Although at least on this point I can imagine putting something together, if it made sense. Usually, groups are defined at one time, or infrequently from time to time, and that’s it- they just keep running. Most people who do automatic group creation through scripts just have it recreate the whole project each time and then import it into a fresh project file. I can only guess that you’re trying to deploy this to a remote machine and don’t want to have to connect with the frontend each time, but I’ll let you clarify :slight_smile: It this were the case, I can picture a few potential solutions that might not be too hard to put together.


I understand. The second question/point I had originally was actually spawned off that same thought: that "at the end of the day, this also isn't dynamic."

I see. Do you think there would be any way I could see an example of one of these scripts (assuming you have one lying around) .. ?

Basically, I want to define the project through another application. Instead of taking the approach discussed in my first question/point, we'd make the project itself "dynamic." Basically, we'd tailor the project/groups to read the tags we want, then shoot the project to FactorySQL. After FactorySQL receives the project and goes live, we'd begin triggering the newly defined groups. If it helps, the groups that would be involved in this "dynamic configuring" would be Stored Procedure groups.

The two questions I originally proposed are just ideas/water cooler chit chat that myself and guys around my office have been throwing around. I figured I'd post here to see what type of response I'd get, (plus I've noticed that the posters here tend to speak of the forum support very highly).

Thanks for responding!