Dynamic Time Series Chart

I have an application with several Analog tags. I also have a Pop-up that will show some properties of this tags. One of them will be a Time Series Chart with the historical data of this tag,
I am using a parameter to make this pop-up dynamic except for this chart.
How can I make a Time Series Chart Dynamic?

Option 1: Pass the data to the popup as a parameter. Bind the chart's series.0.data to the PARAMS value.
Option 2: Save the data as a session.custom property. Have the popup's time series chart series.0.data bound to the session.custom property.
Option 3: Have the chart binding to a named query (or whatever) and pass the named query parameters in popup view's parameters.

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I already passed the data to the popup as a parameter and I'm using it on the others components.
I binded the series.0.data to the Tag History of the Tag, But I can't use my parameter on this option.

You will need to explain this.

  1. What have you done? (Show the code or JSON.)
  2. What result did you expect?
  3. What result did you get?


Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

Thank you @lrose Now it worked!!!

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