Dynamic "Turn off the display" based on operation mode

I will have Ignition 8.1 running on a Windows 10 pc. This is equipment which could sometimes be running off of a UPS. I’d like to adjust Windows “Turn off the display” to me much shorter during these times, or just control the Display Off directly from Ignition. Is this doable?

Likely. A vision client timer event could periodically run a powershell script that interrogated Window’s management subsystem and made any desired adjustments. (I’m not a Windows guy, so I only know that PowerShell can do those sorts of things, not actually how.)

You should be able to use Powercfg

Here is an example

def getScheme():
	import subprocess
	proc = subprocess.Popen(["powershell.exe", "powercfg /getactivescheme"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
	output = proc.stdout.read()
	print output