Dynamic Update of Dataset in UDT Instance

I am probably missing something simple here. I have a UDT with and OPC Tag and a Dataset in it. I want to use the on change event on the OPC Tag to run a script which will do a bunch of OPC Reads and populate the DataSet. The Initial OPC Tag being the number of rows in the DataSet. Is this possible? All the examples I have found are referring to the older event handing system.

Thanks in Advance

You should be able to write to the dataset tag from a Value Changed event script on another tag.
Here is the basic structure:
One caveat is that if you are not using an up to date version of Ignition (7.9.1 or 7.8.5), you may be running into a bug with updating dataset tags.

What code have you tried? What exactly is not working?


Thanks for your reply, I have been busy looking at other things recently. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to open your attached picture.


just curious more than anything, but the attached image is not displaying with the new forum.