Dynamically assign the height of a perspective table

Hi all,
Is there a way to dynamically assign the height a perspective table. Each rows can have different height since I have text contents with wrap. I don't have any Images, icons, perspective components or embedded view on the table.

currently I'm trying to assign the basis property by calculating the number of row
eg: self.position.basis= 100 + (30*numOfRows)

this does not work since the row height if not fixed

You might edit your question to explain if you want to modify the table height (all rows same height) or modify each row's height based on the contents. Then you also want to be clear what those contents are: text (with or without wrap), image, icon, Perspecitive component or embedded view. The quality of the answers you receive may depend on the quality of your question.

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Thanks for the feedback, will provide more details going forward in all the questions. :blush:

See if Cell wrap in a table column - #5 by mjohnson0238 is of any help.

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If it's in a flex container, you might try setting the basis to "auto".

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This. Use flex, that's what it's for.

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yes, thanks