Dynamically build tag path in expression binding

Hello, I have a Label component that I would uses expression binding. I am having trouble dynamically building the path to a tag and need some help. I have custom property that have a 2 digit value that I am using to build with. I am trying to use the first digit of the property in one portion of the path and both digits in another portion. Here is an example of the tag and custom property:

{[default]This_is_a_path} & {view.custom.prop_name}

Here is an example of how I am trying to use them:

"some text " + {"[default]This_" + left({view.custom.prop_name},1) + " " +{view.custom.prop_name} + "_is_a_path"}

Is there a way to use a dynamic tag path for what I am doing?

Make a custom property on the label, and apply an indirect tag binding on it like such:

Indirect Tag Binding Example

then change your label's value binding to be the expression:

"some text here" + {this.custom.indirectTagBindingValue}

Manual Page


Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!