Dynamically Change Fill "Level" based on an Analog Value

I know that I can use the Level Indicator Display Component to show a value based on an analog tag, but I have an ellipse I need to be able to do the same thing with. (Think water tower)

I have searched but cannot find the same types of properties as are available on the Level Indicator. (I. E. under “Data” you have Value and Capacity, under “Appearance” you have Orientation, Filled Color, etc)

I searched the video library and didn’t see a tutorial on this, and would really appreciate any help!!


I see your problem. One work around I can think of is to put two elipse and change the size of the second with level.

The quick answer from tech support is there is no functionality for this simple task. You have to use the canned level indicator, draw a rectangle around your object, select your object and the rectangle, perform a “difference” to cut your object out, place the level indicator behind the rectangle, and then make the rectangle the same color as the background so it hides the parts of the level indicator you don’t want seen.

So basically I need to make a stencil for the shape I want seen?

That is correct. If it wasn’t an ellipse then I could offer another suggestion. If it was a rectangle then you could bind the width or height of the shape to the value and then the size of the shape would change based on that.