Dynamically change title of the container

Hi there,
I’m new to the Ignition platform. While working on the container, I’m looking for a way to bind a container’s title to a tag, that I can use a container as a template.
Any suggestion?
Thank you :prayer:

Hi Phong Pham,

All you have to do is the following:

  1. create a template
  2. create a custom property for the template, you can get to that screen by selecting the template, then Ctrl + U, OR you can go to Component>Customizers>Custom Properties
  3. create a template parameter by hitting the ‘+’, in this case you’ll need to make the ‘Type’ a ‘String’, the name can be anything (ex. Container_Name) that makes sense to you
  4. click OK
  5. go to the template, insert a container
  6. select the container, and in the ‘Property Editor’ view select the ‘Bind Property’ button next to ‘Name’
  7. select the custom property you created earlier (should be in blue font under the main template name)

When you insert your template into a screen, your custom property should show up in the ‘Property Editor’ and that’s where you can dynamically change the title of the container.

Hope this helps,