Dynamically changing email subject and body

Is it possible to dynamically modify the email subject and body so that I can include tag values to it.
For example I have two tags named "tank_count" and "cycle_count" with integer values which I want to include in the email subject like this:
PULSATION RESULTS: Early Failure <tank_count><cycle_count>
event value is not possible for my case.
can anyone help me with this?

It shouldn't be a problem to cast the values to a string and concatenate them in your header and body strings. Where are you scripting this from?

inside the notification block, where we can modify email subject and body.

I guess I'm not sure what we're talking about. This isn't a system.net.sendEmail SMPT script? We're trying to automatically inject live tag values into an email component of some kind?

I created a alarm notification pipeline in which i would like the email notification to be displayed as follows:



"Rig "+[IGNITION_TAGS]PULSATION/Rig_10/Station_Name_ +"Faulted at "+[IGNITION_TAGS]PULSATION/Rig_10/Total_Pulses+ "cycles".
Is this possible through notification block or should i create a custom message for each alarm.

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Isn't this method used for html formatting ?
if I want to display a tag value along with the message should I use ">"
what did u mean by the last sentence?

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if I want to display a tag value along with the message should I use ">"?

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what did u mean by the last sentence?

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