Dynamically Changing Numeric Lables' Units

Is there a way to dynamcially change a numeric lables’ units? I have a button that moves either Celcius or Fahrenheight temperatures in the PLC into a common tag for display. I would like to switch the numeric label between deg. C and deg. F based on the value of the button (boolean tag) - is that possible? Or do I (can I) have to use a text label to do this?
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Certainly, you just need to change the units property of the component. You can either set it in scripting or bind the units property to an expression.

ok, being VERY new to IA, I don’t readily see how to bind to the label.units property. When I select the property binding for the label, then select Property from the Binding Types, i see the label of interest but no ‘units’ property underneath it.
the only way i can see how to reference the label.units property is via the event handler for the label of interest. But all of the events there pertain to specifically to mouse clicks, or something changing with the label itself; not another tag. Perhaps a simple example? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?
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There is a bind icon to the right of every property. Looking at the numeric label properties, you can click on the bind button to the right of the Units property. You can then link that property to something else. For example, you can link it to an expression like this:if({Path/To/Tag} = 1, "F", "C")Of course you can replace the {Path/To/Tag} with a reference to another tag or to another property on the window.

You might want to give our tech support team a quick call at (800) 266-7798 and press 2. They can walk you through a small example.