Dynamically changing the renderer style

I have been using the standard chart for displaying a calulated series of points. This has been working great so far. The data is a delimmited string of numbers that I have to calculate and store to a dataset and represents material thickness

I added a check box to the screen to allow the user to change the thickness from inches to a percentage of the target. When in “percent mode” I want to change to an area renderer but cannot figure out how to change this in script. Is this possible with the standard chart?

I considered using the easy chart since it has a pens table with a column for renderer_style but my data is in a calculated dataset and not in a table. Is there a way to bind to a dataset?

You can see what the original string looks like in this post.

Sorry, but you can’t directly affect the render style for a dataset on the classic chart. Since you only want to switch between two styles, however, what you can do is have two datasets on your chart, and depending on which mode you want to be in, have your script fill in one or the other with your data, and then configure each for a different render style.

Great idea! This worked out very well. Thank you.