Dynamically create transaction groups

I have a project that I am using at multiple sites and I made it so that once the backend gets built and the location of the PLC tag location is recorded within the project, then the project builds the associated UDTs. I need to also build some associated transaction groups, but I can’t find a way to do this. Does this kind of functionality exist?

This probably will not completely answer your question, but some information none the less.
Dynamically-Driven Transaction Groups In SQL Bridge?
This has more answers than the first one.

Thank you. That’s interesting that those didn’t come up for me when I tried searching the forums for this.

I was able to create a template and import the file in as a new transaction group using system.groups.loadFromFile, but the names aren’t coming through properly. The names in the xml shows:

but then the transaction group names end up being:


Does anyone know why and what I am doing wrong? Thank you.