Dynamically passing Named Queries information into a geoJSON file

Hi all. I'm currently attempting to take the results of a named query and pass them into a geoJSON file so that my route will be dynamically displayed on my perspective map component. Preferably I'd like to make it auto-update as new data is coming in as well.

Is there a way to do this via scripting or something similarly internal as I'm trying to avoid constantly uploading new files to display this data.

Thank you,


I found a way to do this:

Step 1: follow all the steps on Perspective Map - Adding GeoJSON Shapes - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation but be sure to leave the array that contains all the Longitude and Latitude coordinates blank

Step 2: once you've bound the file and all the drop downs are in the correct spots remove the binding to the webdev file

Step 3: drill down till you find the ''Coordinates tab" and perform a named query binding on it to return your geolocation data of interest and be sure the return type is set to data-set

Step 4: Make a scripting transform on the coordinate binding and read the following posts

As of right now this seems to work. If there is any change or if I find a better way I'll update this post