Dynamically resize objects Vision runtime

Is there a way to dynamically re-size objects at run time in a vision window using “handles” like you have in the designer?

What I’m shooting for is a way change the vertical size and vertical position of rectangles in a runtime window. I KNOW I can do it using sliders, but that’s going to be rather tedious.

I’m trying to allow my users to build a schedule for the day using drag and drop type functionality. They will have blocks that represent tasks and they will drag and drop the blocks to different sizes and positions to build a schedule for the day. I would probably constrain the width of the blocks and the horizontal position of the blocks.

I’m also thinking that a table in combination with sliders would be slightly less tedious, but ultimately the “handles” idea would be most convenient.

Hi cbanzet,

Yes, this can surely be done. I have done this kind of thing before. It requires various Python scripting. You can use the system.gui.transform function to resize and change the position of components. You can add scripts to the mouse pressed events to move and resize components. You can change the mouse cursor image to resize icons when near the edges of components and/or display handle components near edges of the components you want to resize. It can all be done with scripting.


Nice!! Thank you. I will give this a try.