Dynamically resize width from right to left?

Hello. I have a component which I would like to resize based on the current value of another component. Unfortunately, resizing appears to only work one way (from left to right). Is it possible to reverse the direction and allow a component to grow from right to left? Thank you.

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After the component is resized you could move the component to the left. This would have the same effect of making the component wider but not change the right-edge location on the window.

Here’s a code example. For this code to work the table component’s layout needs to be anchored to the top and left:

table = event.source.parent.getComponent('Table')
resizeWidth = 300
diff = 300 - table.width
system.gui.moveComponent(table, table.x-diff,table.y)


Thank you Nick. I’ve achieved the desired effect using a numeric label to count up to a max. value and then count down. I then subtract that value from a certain x coordinate to move my component. At the same time, the width of my component is bound to the value of the numeric label.

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