Dynamically show/hide column in powertable

I try to dynamically show/hide columns in powertable ?

In the Columns Attribute Data property of your power table click on the binding icon, then choose “Cell Update”, here click on the “Hidden” column then the green plus, at this point you can bind that to a TAG.


I would also like to do this, but this solution doesn’t work with the Column Chooser Menu.
Is there a way to programatically edit the Column Chooser to show/hide columns?

It doesn’t work due to the TAG binding. When you try to hide the column from the “Column Chooser”. if the TAG is set to 1, the column will not hide.
For have this method to work, you have to catch the Column Chooser event, check the TAG status and in case, set the TAG accordingly.
Unfortunately, I don’t’ know how to do it :frowning:. But, I suggest you post a dedicated post here in the forum, maybe someone knows how to do it.
PS: The method I suggested to [mazeyrat] was the easiest way to achieve his goal, I suppose there are other methods to hide/show columns, but they require scripting