Dynamically update table rows based on selection

Hi there!!
I have a table from my perspective view. I have 2 columns that are fixed. Let’s say the name of the ingredient and weight. I have several filters that I want to apply to this table. Let’s say I use a recipe filter. I have 5 intermediate ingredients for Recipe A, and for recipe B, I have 8 intermediate ingredients. I want to display information about recipe A (only 5 rows across 2 columns) when I select recipe A, and similarly(8 rows across 2 columns) for recipe B. And when I select both A and B, I want to show all (8+5) rows and lesser if any of the ingredients are common in both recipes. And for the common ingredients, I want the average of weights in the second column let’s say.

I am okay with achieving the same with tag history calculations in scripting…else I am also recording my data in my SQL table. In my SQL table, I am recording all unique ingredients as columns in my table. So for Recipe A, out of 50 columns(total), I want to fetch 5 columns’ names and values into my two columns in the table of perspective view. The other 45 columns in the row of Recipe A will be ZERO(not null), this is my only check to identify for which recipe, and what columns to take.

Kindly help. Kindly try to elaborate a bit while answering.


Hi Killmonger,

It sounds like a Flex Repeater component might help. You can use this component with a View that acts as a table row. See more about the Flex Repeater here: Perspective - Flex Repeater - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation