E-mail Resource Issue

Hey guys,

I’m seeing this error popping up in the console whenever the system tries to send out e-mail alerts. I’ll probably fix it by restarting the Ignition service but I wanted to see if anyone could tell me what the low resource is so I can fix it. The CPU is running at 10% and the physical memory is at 66% (Ignition is reporting 50% memory usage currently). So, I’m not sure what it’s complaining about. Everything else is working fine. Thanks!


That’s not a message saying Ignition is out of resources, it’s a message Ignition received from your SMTP server when it tried to send an email that claims it has insufficient resources, whatever that means.

Huh, that’s interesting. Well it’s working now without any intervention from me so maybe our IT department was working on the e-mail server or something. Good to know, thanks for the info!