EAM Activity Alarms Pipelines

Anyone else confused with the wording used for the Active and Ack Pipelines under the EAM module? If Warning only go to the Active Pipeline and Errors go to the Ack Pipeline, we never get any notification of cleared or acknowledged alarms. In fact, all I ever seem to get are notifications for when the alarm occurs, but never if they resolved themselves (such as cellular connectivity issues). In the pipeline itself, I checked both {eventState} which returns “Active” and {state} which returns “Cleared, Unacknowledged” when an alarm occurs. Note that I do not have any Dropout Conditions checked in the editor.

Did you ever figure this out? I am facing the same issue

Nope, you’ll have to create alarms and your own pipeline on the “IsConnected” tag for each site found under System/Gateway/EAM/Agents/.

OK, thanks for the info. That is what I ended up doing anyways.