EAM - Allow selecting of previous gwbk backups when using restore backups action to Agents

When you use the Agent backup task, the EAM takes a backup of the gateway(s) selected. All good.

When you go to then restore an agent backup using the EAM task, you have to manually select a gwbk to restore. If you're not directly connected to the gateway server, you cannot select the EAM backed up files :confused: It would be nice if you were provided a list of backups that have been made and select one to restore, as well as select one manually.

It's also a bit strange that you have to create an agent task and go through all the configuration steps, including baking the path of the backup into the task, just to restore a fixed gateway backup via the EAM. Unless the name of the most recent gwbk file never changes (i.e. the timestamp is removed), I can't imagine how this could ever be used without having to edit the agent task each time and select a new gwbk? Am I missing something?

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No, you didn't miss anything. We have a restore-backup task feature in the backlog that allows you to select a gwbk from the controller's archive for that agent. I'll dust it off and see if we can make some forward progress on it soon.


Actually, I just remembered another way to select a specific agent gwbk saved on the controller. It's buried in the agent management settings, but it does work. Try this:
On the controller gateway, navigate to Enterprise Administration / Agent Management. On the More dropdown for an agent, click "Details". Click "View saved Gateway backups for this agent". You should then be presented with a list of all the backups taken for that agent. You can click the "Restore Backup" link for one of the backups, and this will display a screen that allows you to immediately run a restoration task using the backup you selected.

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Hi @mgross , I'm replying here because I have a similar need, but if a new thread is needed I can do that as well

I'm currently developping an auto backup + restore(deploy would be a more suitable word) feature for a client, similar to what @nminchin was aiming for.

The difference is that we are aiming to have a "baseline" .gwbk file that we can use to deploy onto all our edge gateways, this baseline.gwbk is on the gateway pc, and is updated regularly.

Is it possible to define the path to this baseline .gwbk, which is updated regularly, instead of having to create a new task and selecting the gwbk file manually each time?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you can't set the gwbk file location to an absolute path in the EAM restore task. It's a really good idea though. You should definitely post that on https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/

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I'm also in a position where the originally noted functionality would be beneficial.

I am writing a procedure for a client in which we need to have a fallback plan if something goes wrong during an EAM send project/tags task. Ideally there would be a type of task along the lines of Restore Latest Backup in which we could select all agents connected to the gateway to roll them back to the most recent gateway backup stored on the controller.

So far I've been similar to the previous posts where I am needing to do this individually, however for this particular implementation there are upwards of 200 edge devices, so manually restoring these backups is very cumbersome, leading to increased downtime.

If anyone has some kind of workaround, or if I've missed something entirely I'd love to hear about it.


I think there was something added for this recently... maybe someone can chime in who knows?