EAM Backup and Restore

I had one question on EAM. I understand that its capable of automatic backup and restore of remote gateways. But will it also backup the OPC tag configurations? The scripting that has been done for the tags?

So if i’m using my machine in the plant as a Edge of Network only, so it has the OPC tag configuration and the MQTT transmission for sending data to the central Historian / Application gateway.

Tomorrow if my local machine dies, will the task for local IT will just be to get a new hardware, install ignition and connect to the EAM gateway to restore the backup to be up and running?

Yes, anything that is in the EAM agent’s internal database can be backed up and saved on the controller. This includes OPC tags and their scripts. You can create an EAM task on the controller that will run a restoration task on the agent and specify a gateway backup, and everything should be there on the agent after the task completes.

Thanks for your reply.