EAM Controller - Restoring Backup Issue

Hi there, I’m new to using Ignition but am currently evaluating the software for use as a new SCADA platform.

I’ve recently been playing with the EAM features and am trying out the Gateway backup/restore features. When taking a backup on Linux, when EAM Controller Settings have “Archive Location” set to “Automatic” Ignition appears to store backups in the /var/lib/ignition/eam_archive folder.

When restoring the backup, on my Ignition instance anyway, I am forced to manually find and upload the *.gwbk file, instead of being presented the files available on the server. According to the documentation, it implies that there should be a different option when Controller Settings have Archive Location set to Automatic:

If your Archive Path was set to Manual when you created your Controller, you will have to select the Choose File button, and navigate to the folder on your computer to locate the Gateway Backup file. If you are unsure about your Archive Path, refer to your Controller Settings.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here? Is this a bug? I find it odd that if you store the files locally on the server itself you must retrieve them manually from the server to re-upload them back to the server when using the Restore Backup task.

I just ran into this issue also.
Did you ever find a solution?

The Archive Path is where you want to Collect and store your backup at the Controller server. This path may be set to manual or automatic (manual allows path to be a shared or at cloud).
Restoring however, allows you to move and manage backups from your controller to any agent, In my opinion is not odd when talking about multiple agents. Meaning that you can decide which version of a backup a agent server should be running. Probably this would be beneficial in a dev environment where you can push any backup from dev to the plant-floor agent using the controller. That would be a very good reason to choose which .gwbk file you want to run in a particular agent.
Not a bug, just needs more clarification I think.

This makes sense if you have the path set to manual. You would need to browse to wherever the backups are stored (network location/cloud) and choose which backup from there.

But if the path is set to automatic, wouldn’t it make sense there was an interface to browse that path for restores. Currently when you choose a backup file for restore, it opens the file explorer on your local machine. You would then have to navigate to the automatically set path on the Ignition server (assuming this path is accessible from your machine).

You’re so confused my friend. Restoring will never let you set to automatic path.

from https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Agent+Task±+Backup+and+Restore

Just read the description there: The file path TO SAVE …not to retrieve.
Also this info is at section collecting, not restoring…

I was just looking in the wrong spot. If you use an agent task to restore an agent, you must choose the backup file manually. The problem being I couldn’t browse to the automatic path because it resides on the server. That browse button opens a local file dialog.

If you go to Agent Management - More - Details, there is an option to view all of the saved backups and restore from there.