EAM Controller + Unlimited Clients

If we buy EAM Controller + Unlimited Clients license, does this means we only need to buy this license and we do not need to buy other licenses for each remote agent gateways?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, as long as you only need one EAM Controller.

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Ok. So where will the remote agent gateways get its EAM license? Will the remote agent gateways get its EAM (client) license from the EAM Controller with the EAM Controller + Unlimited Clients license installed in the Central Gateway?

Just for a clarification. Thanks

Inductive Automation will need to add EAM to each of the Agent licenses, then on each Agent, you will need to refresh the license and EAM will then be included.
If your Agents don’t have internet access then you need to unactivate then activate the same license.
Your sales rep will let you know when all of your license keys have been updated with the EAM module - they will be listed on an invoice document from IA.

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To summarize, we just need to buy one license which is the “Controller + Unliimted Clients” then IA will just activate agents’ licenses via the internet ?

Yes, that’s how it was when I bought it.
With each additional Agent license I put a note on the RFQ to include the EAM license at no additional cost. It’s never been an issue.

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Got it. Thanks buddy.