EAM data transfer


On my edge device, if I disable the outgoing connection which in turn disables the EAM (I think) will that also stop the main server from trying to ping the device ?

Reason for asking is to minimize all data transfer to our machines when they are out in the field using cell data. MQTT still runs but want to stop any other traffic from consuming data.

Now lets say it was enabled in edge, there is a ping rate, default is 1 second. So every second it pings the main server to say I'm alive. Then there is the Send Interval Stats time in the EAM module, looks like 5 seconds is default. Then there is a Ping rate on the main server for incoming connections, default is 5 seconds although can be disabled. Does that need to be enabled if the edge device is sending a ping to the main server?
If the outgoing ping from edge fails after 30 tries, default. Does that then disable the EAM from pinging or will it still try ?

Ideally, rather then disabling the out going connection, I can just slow down the pings. Say once a hour, that way it stays connected to the EAM so If i have to, I can send a project update.

So yes, if you disable the outgoing connection, it will stop all pings in both directions. It will also stop all EAM traffic as well. And yes, you can change the EAM Send Interval Stats value to anything you like. The only thing it affects is that the controller will not have as much data to report on the health of the agent.