EAM Full Gateway Backups

Does EAM have any capability to take a full backup, not just the gateway backup? I also want to backup running projects, udt’s, etc. Basically everything.

A gateway backup is a full backup… are you finding something is missing?

It does not appear to include perspective projects, tags, etc

What version of Ignition are you using?


Look inside the backup file (it’s just a zip file).

“Perspective projects” are just projects, and all projects will have files under the data/projects directory.

Tags, UDTs, etc… are part of the internal DB (config.idb file).

As @Kevin.Herron noted, the gateway backup should include all that stuff. At one point in the past it also included internal historian data and other data (such as SQLite DB you could add in Ignition program data folder). I’m not sure when the change was made, but I believe this is now excluded from backups.

Unless I’m looking in the wrong place, here is a gateway backup on my EAM Server. EAM is running on Redhat Linux



You should be looking inside the backup.gwbk file in that folder.