EAM Global Project

Maybe I am missing something, but I used to be able to create an agent task to send the Global Project via EAM between gateways. I cannot seem to do this anymore. I though it used to be under Send Project. Anyone know what happened?

I’m using 7.9.1 and 7.9.2 gateways.

We didn’t purposely remove the global project selection. Can you post the task setup details? Mainly, we need Ignition versions of your controller and agent, and what options you are selecting in the task.

I have one Central EAM controller just running the EAM module, then 6 full gateways for end users.

Task on the EAM controller 7.9.1 is:

  1. Send Project
  • Execute Immediately
  • Dest: Gateway1 7.9.2
  • Source: Gateway2 7.9.1
  • Select Project: Does not contain Global…

Thanks Matt!

Yeah, it looks like the Global Project selection is only available when you select “Local System” as the source Gateway. I’ll put in a ticket to be able to select a remote agent’s Global Project when selecting an agent as the source.

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Ahh, that would make sense as I recently switched to a central controller setup. Let me know what version it gets targeted, I assume 7.9.4

Yeah, we’ll shoot for 7.9.4.

@mgross It doesn’t look like this made into 7.9.4… or am I missing something?

Yeah, looks like it didn’t make it into 7.9.4. I updated the ticket to be re-evaluated for inclusion into 7.9.5.