EAM in Ignition

I am working with Enterprise Administration Module in Ignition.
In the Enterprise Administration section at Gateway we have Advanced Properties under Event Thresholds so where can we find these properties in the EAM Designer or in which tag does the values of Advance Properties get logged in EAM Designer ???

Those thresholds don’t actually set any tag values. When a threshold is hit, it causes an agent event to be recorded in the gateway. You can set it up so an alarm is triggered if an over-threshold agent event is recorded. For example, if your agent’s CPU usage exceeds 90%, you can trigger an alarm that alerts you that something is going on with that agent. Agent events can be viewed on the Gateway Agents status page on the EAM controller (Status -> EAM Agents). You can also retrieve agent events via the system.eam.queryAgentHistory() scripting function. Hope that helps.