EAM Remote Upgrade

I am trying to prepare a remote upgrade for an 8.1.5 system from an 8.1.10 EAM controller. When I try to send the ZIP to the 8.1.5 system, I receive an error on the controller:
“Exception occurred on remote machine, message id =‘30277’, error code = GENERAL_PROTOCOL_EXCEPTION [100]”

On the remote machine, this is the error in the logs:

Any suggestions?

I had that same error yesterday. Initially EAM was giving me an “internal error” when I tried using a slimmed down zip file because the edge device didnt have enough space for the full one. I am guessing that EAM is checking if the file is a specific checksum?

Then I tried a test to push the zip file, as I knew there was enough space to hold the zip file, but not enough to extract it.

I got that general protocol error fairly quickly after starting the task. Too quick for it to have uploaded already.