EAM Remote Upgrading not completing. Giving IOException in upgrade-assistant.log

I have been trying to upgrade a gateway running on linux over EAM but I have been running into some issues that at first were not obvious. To begin, the updates zip file would successfully send and I would begin the upgrade from my main gateway. The gateway would receive the upgrade request, but the upgrade status would remain "Upgrade in progress" forever as follows:

At the very least I feel that the IOException Error should somehow be communicated back to the originating gateway to let you know that the upgrade failed.

After doing a little more digging I found where the zip file was being saved in the ignition directory and also found the log file for the upgrade process. It seems that I am getting an IOException Error when backing up the user-lib folder during the upgrade. Specifically getting a Permission Denied error when trying to read the README in jdbc-bundled. Here is a screen grab of the logs:

I tried recursively changing the permissions for the Ignition directory with the following command:
chmod -R 751 /Ignition-Directory

I then tried the remote upgrade again without any changes in the error that I was getting. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in setting the permissions for the directory or if there is something I need to change in the gateway to allow it to effectively make this upgrade.

Anyone have any insight?

Hi Cole_Townsend,

I suggest opening a ticket with IA Support https://support.inductiveautomation.com/hc/en-us so they can properly assist you with this issue.

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If anyone is wondering, the solution was to change the permissions for the user-lib directory inside the main ignition directory. I am unsure why my first attempt to do this did not work when I changed the permissions for the main directory. Possibly a user error or something. So for the user-lib directory, I changed the permissions with the following command:
chmod -R +rwx /Ignition-Directory/user-lib

I am still a little unsure why this directory isn't set up with the correct permissions on gateway setup, I was told that "since Linux controls all of the permissions (not Ignition) you have to set permissions with chmod during the installation process."

I imagine that the issue with the EAM task status getting stuck on "Upgrade in progress" is in fact a bug so I will have to submit that separately. I feel like this type of error should send a response back to the controller gateway at the least.