EAM - run a Task from ignition designer

I am starting to use the EAM module.
I need to execute all the tasks that the module allows me to perform from the gateway, but from the designer so that any user with access to the SCADA can execute the tasks.
Currently I have only found a solution via scripting using the statement system.eam.runTask(taskName) where taskName is the name of one of the predefined tasks that I show in the image. However, it is not clear to me, since to perform this action from the gateway, I need to follow a sequence of steps to indicate the period in which the task will be executed, in addition to passing a file or key if necessary in the case of restoring a backup or updating a license, etc.

You haven't gone far enough into the process on the gateway, where you provide your own name for a fully-configured task. That is the name you provide to system.eam.runTask(). I don't think there's a way to do the configuration of tasks from the designer. Since these are all gateway-security level tasks, designer-level security is probably not considered sufficient. (Designers make HTTP connections to a gateway similar to a browser going to the gateway web interface, but authentication can be different.) Why can you not give people trusted to do this actual privileges on the gateway?